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"You weren’t deceived."


"Check this out" – Page 101
"You weren’t deceived."

Zhem's side:
"When I first laid eyes on Caren, all I saw was the hips, the breasts and the juiciest brown lips. Now I know how King David felt when he saw Bathsheba.

Caren was always in church praying, like the rest of them, for a good man. And there I was. I hadn’t been with a woman in a long time because I was trying to live right, but I was longing for someone. And Caren was right there.
When I said, "Hello," she was ready, willing, and able to respond to my introduction. She loved the attention. She was flirtatious just enough to let me know she was interested, but not easy.

After a few weeks, I encouraged Caren to join the Bible study group I have in my home on Thursday nights. I had her come on Friday. When she arrived, I told her she misunderstood, the group meets on Thursdays. But I offered to review our lesson with her. She acted like she didn’t want to come in, and for a while I thought she was going to leave. But she came in and sat down. After a few minutes, she said she needed to leave, but assured me she’d be back the next Thursday. She stayed long enough for us both to see we wanted to study more than just the Bible.

The next few months were difficult for me. Being around Caren made my body ache, and she refused to be alone with me; we always had to meet in public. I wasn’t going to try anything; I just wanted to cuddle with her, but she was taunting me with that luscious body. Every time I saw her, I wanted her more.

When I got sick, she was the first person I thought of to help me out. I needed someone to pick up a prescription from the pharmacy. When she came to the house, she also had some homemade soup. I was sitting in my king-size bed with my chest hanging out just a little for her to get a peek.

When she walked into my bedroom with the breakfast tray, her sweet body was calling me. She was dressed in a pantsuit that left so much to my imagination that my body needed her right then. I could tell how she moved around in the room that she wanted me too. I said everything she wanted and needed to hear. Finally I said, "It’s only wrong if we’re not planning to get married, but I want you to be mine forever."

I began to softly kiss her on the neck. Her words said no, but her body cried yes. When she gave into me, I touched heaven and tapped into an endless supply of inner healing. And it felt good – for a while. But when she got pregnant, reality slapped me in the face and said, ‘You’re not ready to be anybody’s Daddy!’ I had to find a way out, and I did."