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"I went out with Thomas . . ."


"Check this out" – Page 200
"I went out with Thomas . . ."

Thomas' side:
"I asked Shannon out, because I know her from college. A few of the guys in the church mentioned how stuck up she is, walking around like ‘she’s God’s gift to men.’ They said, "she smiles and speaks, but won’t give a brotha’ a play.’

Well, I had no doubt she’d give me some time, because I knew her when – when she was getting busy in the dorm with my roommate. Oh, she denied it, but my boy had details. So there was no reason for her to act high and mighty around me. But she had me waiting at that restaurant for a half-hour before she decided to waltz in. When she got to the table, she smiled and started talking about she needed time to look beautiful. I was heated. I thought, Well, you should’ve worn something a little more attractive than that funeral outfit. Then I said, ‘Beauty gets old.’

I wanted her to know I wasn’t like those soft brothas at the church. She didn’t talk much, so I kept the conversation moving with my stories. I laughed when I told her that one of the sisters even asked me to marry her. She got cocky and said, ‘It’s not nice to talk about women that way.’ I’m thinking, Whatevah.

So I let her know that most women her age would love to know a man was thinking and talking about her. Then she got all carried away, saying something about me being an educated jerk. I tried to calm her down and save the night. But she stormed off talking about, ‘Watch me leave early!’ And she left me in that expensive restaurant with a $150 bill! The brothas were right, she won’t give us the time of day."