Check This Out!

"He is a spoiled, self-centered brat."


"Check this out" – Page 8
"He is a spoiled, self-centered brat."

Michael’s Side:
"Shannon is a nice, attractive woman. I have thought about asking her out, because we hit it off so well. But Shannon is a religious woman, not to mention my co-worker.
She invited me to her church one time and I found it to be quite an educational experience in the Black Church; too loud and too long in my opinion. But I'd never share that with Shannon. I respect her and wouldn’t want to insult her in any way.
Over the course of our relationship I've exaggerated a few things to Shannon, because I enjoy watching her response to my stories. She gets so emotional, like I'm a monster. But it's okay, that's the little game I play; keeps the sexual tension in our relationship strong. Who knows where this might go?"